Cobblestoned streets of Aalborg

Our guide to the best of Aalborg

An ancient city where Viking ships once sailed past on the Limfjord, Aalborg has evolved to a vibrant cultural hotspot with a spectacular waterfront of iconic architectural buildings. The New York Times even put Aalborg in its Top 10 Places to Go in 2019. Here are 11 reasons why!

Utzon Center i Aalborg på Nordjylland

01 The architectural Utzon Center

Heard of the Sydney Opera House? A Dane, Jørn Utzon, designed it! At the Utzon Centre, you can explore his works and enjoy exhibitions on ground-breaking Nordic architecture and design. The Utzon Centre also works with social sustainability for children and young people, and the core of their exhibitions is that materials and more must be recycled.

Musikkens Hus

02 The dramatic House of Music

Another dramatic building vying for your love and attention on Aalborg’s waterfront is the House of Music, Musikkens Hus. This eye-catching silver icon is a meeting place for music professionals and music lovers. Amongst other things it’s the home of the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and a concert venue for international and Danish artists.

Aalborg Street Food The Lighthouse

03 Street food in an old furniture factory

No trip to Aalborg is complete without a cheap bite to eat with Danes in an old furniture factory. That’s the venue for Aalborg’s first permanent street food market; the popular local hangout, known as The Lighthouse. Head here to try food from around the world and to soak up the local atmosphere.

Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

04 The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art

Designed by renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in 1957 and opened in 1972, the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art is a recognized piece of art in itself. Inside this newly renovated icon of Aalborg, you can wander and enjoy works by well-known international artists and get to know Danish artists too.

Cobblestoned streets of Aalborg

05 The cosy streets and buildings of Aalborg’s old town

Aalborg is a fascinating mix of old and new, where you can wander cobbled streets and enjoy a drink in a cosy local café overlooking giant street art murals or crooked houses from the 1600s! Some streets are Instagram favourites, such as Hjelmerstald. See if you can spot Jens Bang’s House, one of Aalborg’s most famous, built in 1624!

Nordkraft Aalborg

06 The Nordkraft power station turned cultural hotspot

Nordkraft is a little piece of New York right in the heart of Aalborg. This vibrant cultural centre houses theatres, cinemas, food joints and exhibitions, all in the lofty guts of an old power station from 1947. It’s also a great place to get active. You can climb Denmark’s highest climbing wall right here inside Nordkraft.

Street Art Aalborg

07 Aalborg’s colourful street art

Aalborg is small and easy to get around, so you’ll definitely notice the dramatic murals that set this city apart when you explore the centre. You could even put together your own walking tour of the over 50 pieces of impressive street art that adorn the city, giving Aalborg its colourful and unique feel.

Vestre Fjordpark in Aalborg

08 The pristine harbour baths in the Limfjord

We Danes love a good harbour swimming bath! Aalborg’s newly refurbished Vestre Fjordpark is an outdoor swimming spot located close to the city centre, but it feels a world away. From here you can swim, kayak or sail in the beautiful clean waters of the Limfjord or just relax on the popular wooden swimming platforms.

Aalborg Tower

09 The views from Aalborg Tower

You should be very glad that it was too expensive to tear down the Aalborg Tower after it was built for an exhibition in 1933. It’s survived to become a unique icon of the city. It’s also an experience getting up there. Ring the bell and the elevator will come down to get you! Up at the viewing platform, there’s a bistro so you can enjoy the views of Aalborg and beyond with a drink or bite to eat too.

Lindholm Høje Aalborg

10 Lindholm Høje

How many cities can claim to have their own mystical Viking burial grounds? Well Aalborg can! You can virtually step off the plane at Aalborg Airport and into the historical wonder of the stone circles at Lindholm Høje; an important Iron Age and Viking burial site over 1500 years old. Explore the museum exhibitions and enjoy the café just north of the Limfjord.

Aalborg Zoo Polar Bear

11 Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is officially Aalborg’s most visited attraction! You can get to know the zoos popular polar bear family before you visit, by following them live on webcam!